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Agios Charalambos

The church of Agios Charalambos (Agios = Saint), was rebuild in 1952. It is located at the entrance of Exo Gonia. The previous church had a double bell tower in those days.

The current church, is one of the few on the island, that has tiles on its roof, others being  Panagia Episopi in Mesa Gonia.

The church is celebrating on 18 August, honoring the Saint with local festivities.

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Agios Charalambos is at the entrance of Exo Gonia. You can get there by bus, car, bike or taxi. Adjacent to the church you will find a parking lot, as you cannot drive through Exo Gonia.

Fira : 5.4Km (3.4 miles)     Pirgos : 1.4Km (0.9 miles)     Oia : 16.6Km (10.4 miles)     Airport : 4Km (2.5 miles)     Port (Athinios) : 6.5Km (4.1 miles)